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John S Macdonald Builders Ltd was established in 1996, we've been building for almost 20 years which makes us one of the most experienced builders in the Waikato. Our team are highly skilled, and we thrive on the challenge of constructing a range of commercial and residential buildings, big and small.

John's staff have been carefully chosen not just for their professionalism, but for having the depth of practical knowledge to solve problems collaboratively and creatively. We are passionate, friendly and committed to doing the best possible job to achieve your project goals from start to finish.

Meet John

John Macdonald

John's building career began over 35 years ago with an apprenticeship in Taranaki, while his specialist interest in masonry-construction developed through nearly a decade of building experience in the UK. On returning to New Zealand in 1996, he established JSMB which has since gained an impressive reputation with a portfolio of award-winning buildings. John has been working alongside his team to be one of the best and most reputable building companies ever since.

John is currently the National President of the New Zealand Registered Master Builders Association, having served on both local and national executives for the past 12 years. John's passion is to help create a construction industry which places the greatest emphasis on workmanship of the highest quality, a principle which also forms the cornerstone of JSMB.

For more information on Master Builders, visit the website at: masterbuilder.org.nz